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Radio Africa & Kitchen

An insider's view into the 'secret sauce' in Radio Africa's delicious food through sauce-making with Chef Eskender and an exclusive kitchen-tour!

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4800 Third Street, San Francisco, California 94124
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For an entire evening, owner and Chef Eskender is all yours. Originally from Ethiopia, Chef Eskender arrived in SF in the late 80's where he spent the next 20 years working with luminaire chefs such as Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park), Nancy Oakes (Boulevard), Jeremiah Tower (Foreign Cinema), Joyce Goldstein, and Daniel Patterson (Coi). Inspired, he began experimenting with different food preparations of his own and eventually, by popular demand, opened Radio Africa.

Join for us a first-of-its-kind evening with a behind the scenes kitchen tour, plenty of insider anecdotes (growing up in Ethiopia? Working with Daniel Humm?), and an exclusive, hands-on sneak preview of Radio Africa's new line of sauces by learning to make 2 of them before they even hit the market!

Radio Africa & Kitchen Story

Radio Africa & Kitchen was created by Chef Eskender Aseged. Originally from Ethiopia, Eskender arrived in San Francisco in the late 80's where he spent the next 20 years working in the Bay Area with such luminaire chefs as Jeremiah Tower, Joyce Goldstein, Nancy Oaks, Daniel Peterson and Daniel Humm. During this time, inspired by these great chefs, he began experimenting with different food preparations of his own.

In the Fall of 2004, Eskender started his first “pop up” restaurant right in his own home — serving meals to small groups of friends. Eventually these pop ups expanded to a variety of Bay Area cafés over the course of the next seven years.

Why "Radio Africa"?

The name comes from Eskender’s experience growing up in Ethiopia with very few outlets for popular music and sports. Only one household per neighborhood might have a radio and kids would gather and listen to soccer matches and music, sharing laughter, conversation and snacks.

When you dine with us, you will enjoy a seasonal, nutritionally well-balanced meal that always includes organic vegetables, greens, grains, nuts, wild fish, shellfish and fruit, accompanied by fine herbs and spices.

In 2012, Radio Africa opened its first restaurant in San Francisco’s Bayview District. We look forward to meeting you!



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